Guide to Irttraining website Report Submission.


Once you have completed L1/L2 training you have the option to obtain certification through ASNT. The American Standards of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) is a certification gained by completing a log of practical hours and compiling a report to be assessed by our certified trainers.


Below you will find a step-by-step guide to help you navigate and operate our new online Report Submission tool. This Report Submission tool has been developed to streamline the process of achieving certification; making it easier for students and assessors and we hope this will reduce the time taken for the whole process.


The Report Submission section can be found on our website www.irttraining .com on our Tools page. Once on the tools page there is a link on the left hand side directly taking you to the page called Reporter, you will the a screen like the image below.


  • Should you wish to upload a report for ASNT review, you must first contact us to be given login details.
  • Upon receiving your login details, you are free to use the Report Submission tool at anytime anywhere at the click of a button.
  • Once logged in you will be taken to a blank screen where you will see the New Report Press this and you will be taken to a screen as shown below.


  • Please give your report a unique memorable name then click Create Report. This should then take you to the following screen.


  • In each tab there is the option to upload files. For each of the tabs, upload the requested documents E.g. 20 infrared images, supervisor letter, passport photo and infrared report in pdf. format. Do not click Submit Report until each tab has been populated.


  • Once the report is complete please click Submit Report. Once it has been submitted IRT will receive a notification and the uploaded report will be reviewed by one of our assessors within 2 weeks.


  • Please note, uploading a number of infrared images at once may take a few minutes.


  • You can check the current status of your report by logging into the page on the website. As you can see by the picture below your report will appear as in review until it has been assessed by one of our trainers.




  • Once we have added an update you shall receive notification via the email provided by yourself at login. These updates may be asking you for more evidence to complete your report or will be an email congratulating you on completing L1/L2 ASNT.


Should you have any problems or technical issues please contact us and we can give you further instructions to assist you with your report submission.


We hope this will improve your experience with IRT and help get you through certification at a much more efficient pace.

Should you need to contact us please Call – 0151 486 5120 or Email –