George Johnstone Stoney 

Died in July 1911

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Stoney was an Irish physicist who was the first to suggest electric charge came in discrete units and is credited for coining the term essay writing ‘electron’ for the basic unit of charge. He was also one of the first to identify the vibration of individual molecules and atoms as the cause for special emission lines.

Thermography has to thank many of the scientific community for their work that allows infrared camera technicians to understand the principles of Radiation and how it is emitted from surfaces.

The knowledge of how to evaluate radiation levels or comparison of energy radiated from an object is fundamental to understanding the interpretation of all infrared thermography images due to the fact that different materials emit at different rates.

Understanding the severity of electrical inspections requires application knowledge, radiation theory and experience in the field so that load conditions and where appropriate weather conditions are taken into account.

Radiation can be absorbed, reflected and in some situations transmitted depending on the material.