IMG_3176Our latest Liverpool course was interrupted by a film crew that delved into our company in order to find out what it is we do…

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They had the opportunity to view and film our fantastic training location, dedicated training room and our students making the most of the extensive infrared equipment we use for demonstrations; not to mention filming our trainers getting to grips with our newly introduced technology. (see blog 19th April)  As it is important for Thermographers to gain hands on experience, the film crew followed the students who were imaging various applications both in and outside the classroom.

The refresher training day included a little physics, some practical advice on camera technique and assistance with software/reporting. As an organisation we pride ourselves on not only being able to provide the gold standard quality of Thermography training, but continuing this level of service after the course has completed. Student support is important to us as the use of cameras can be challenging, we always invite our clients to contact us with any issues they may have (assuming it does relate to thermography) to see if we can help.



We also have a trick to employ…  when the students have had enough of the instructor, we often send them out for an off-road experience with one of our local associates. Funny that with all the fresh air, the students should come back with flushed faces, but a few were white!