Applications – Process

Tanks and vessels can contain solids, liquids and gases. Identification of levels can provide valuable information to the client. Confirming levels, solid deposits, product scaling or just checking level indicator values. Quality control of glass mould temperatures. An infrared video was made to identify uniform energy levels Large structures can be images with some [...]

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Applications – Building

This image shows significant energy loss from open windows: This image shows air leakage under a double door: These three images show water evaporating after a building water leak. The process of evaporation will reduce temperature below ambient and therefore show as a temperature differential. Window seals and casement filling are often weak areas [...]

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Applications – Mechanical

Non drive end bearing on large fan. energy from the bearing conducts into the housing. Vibration analysis or acoustic emission reading will give a greater insight into the actual bearing condition. Typical image of a pressure relief value indicating the operational condition. This type of survey can help to determine if the value is [...]

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Applications – Electrical

When does an electrical anomaly become a fault? Often the weakest part on a low voltage system is the insulation. Do you know the temperature rating for general purpose PVC insulation? Illustration of induced eddy currents on the location bolt holding the transformer conductors: Do you know the cause and solutions to this type [...]

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