Once you have completed L1/L2 training students have the option to obtain accreditation through an employer based scheme developed by The American Society of Non Destructive Testing.  ASNT SNT TC 1A.

Historically, The American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) have provided course content for all Non Destructive Testing techniques. As thermography falls into this category, SNT TC 1A provides an procedure and course outline to companies wishing to ensure their staff understand the technology prior to conducting inspections. Typically, companies will use a recognised training provider to train staff up to a standard and then the company provide permission for the technicians to carry out inspections. ASNT SNT TC 1A is a second party accreditation scheme in which the training organisation provide a certificate to students that have completed the training. Infrared Training Limited go one step further and require students to provide evidence of field work and they need to compile a report for evaluation before the process is completed. The reports can be uploaded to the online ‘Reporter Tool‘ found on the ‘Tools‘ page above. To apply for ASNT certification you must have completed Level 1 or Level 2 Training and completed a set number of practical hours with the camera (see below).

Students can request login details from Infrared Training Limited to be able to access the reporter and upload their report and supporting documents. To request login details please contact and we will send you your username and password; as well as instructions for the reporter process.

To see the full procedure for Level 1 and Level 2 ASNT please click on the relevant links below.

Procedure to Attain Level 1.

A complete submission should include:

  • An Infrared Report
  • Original thermal images
  • A letter from your supervisor
  • A passport type digital photograph of yourself

Procedure to Attain Level 2

A complete submission should include:

  • An Infrared report
  • Original thermal images
  • A letter from your supervisor
  • A passport type digital photograph of yourself

The evaluation process concentrates on the quality of the images, camera settings and where appropriate accurate measurements of target objects. The process does not comment on the report content.

Successful evaluation of the report will lead to completion of the L1 and L2 accreditation process based on ASNT-SNT-TC-1A. Students that need guidance will receive feedback and email support to ensure the report standard is achieved.