When does an electrical anomaly become a fault? Often the weakest part on a low voltage system is the insulation. Do you know the temperature rating for general purpose PVC insulation?

Illustration of induced eddy currents on the location bolt holding the transformer conductors: Do you know the cause and solutions to this type of anomaly?

A basic example of high resistance on each of the phase conductors:

Modern electrical panels are often designed with limited access to the conductors, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if there is a load or resistive condition. Good us of Span and Level can sometimes help. Do you know what Span and Level are and how they work?

Significant high resistance on changeover panel.

After finding a thermal anomaly, check that the camera is in the correct Temperature Range!

Most instruments have an indication when ‘Outof Range’ Do you know your camera!

Does the Palette matter?