The staff at Infrared Training Limited would like to say a massive thank you to all involved in helping our 1st Annual Thermography Conference to be a success!!

Firstly, the speakers. We are so lucky to have an extensive range of contacts in the industry that are as passionate about Thermography as we are. All presentations were fantastic and very informative, highlighting the importance of Thermography and its safe use across a variety of applications.

“It expanded my views on Thermography and the possibilities that may be achieved” – guest.

So, speakers- thank you.

John Magna – Irish Thermal Imaging Solutions

Richard Wallace – TI Thermal Imaging Ltd

Matthew Greensill – GE

Darren Pyott – UK Thermography

Paul Cheers – Bentley Motors

David Smith – IRISS Ltd

Lewis Rowland – Viewsafe Ltd

Wendy Poole – BINDT

Keith Maynard – UKTA


SpeakersIn addition to our day of seminars, there was a really vibrant atmosphere on our exhibitors area during breaks- for this we have to thank our exhibitors. Whether our guests were new to the industry or highly experienced Thermographers, there is no doubt that every individual found the array of infrared equipment on show to be fascinating.

“Great to catch up with current Thermography news and innovations” – guest.


So, thank you exhibitors.

Paul Sacker – Crimson Industrial Vision

David Smith – IRISS

Marcus Halliday – Cordex

Phil Webb – Flir

Keith Maynard / Patrick Quirin / Wendy Poole – UKTA & BINDT

Jason Cargill – Fluke

Simon Trammer – Therm App

Richard Wallace – TI Thermal Imaging Ltd

Lewis Rowland – Viewsafe Ltd

I think the photos speak for themselves (a special thank you to our photographer – Andy at Blueski Photography), however we also received feedback from all attendees. Whether it be guest, speaker or exhibitor and we are delighted to say that 94.4% said they found the day to be good or excellent, with 97.2% saying that they would recommend to others and attend again. Wow.

A lot of work goes into planning an event like this; we are a small team and this is arranged in addition to our UK and international training. This has been developed purely due to there being no other event like this in the UK market. We wanted to establish a unique forum for Thermographers across the industry to help support both new and established Thermographers alike through benchmarking, networking with peers and learning about the latest in technology. It is also an excellent opportunity to gain CPD credits.

Finally, a big thank you to all of our guests who took the time out of their busy scheduled to attend.

“Very well run and extremely interesting” – guest.

“Definitely worthwhile” – exhibitor.

“Exceeded expectations, picked up lots of tips” – guest

Plans are already underway for #IRevent17 and after such a fantastic event this year we look forward to seeing you there!