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As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) of BINDT, The British Institute of Non Destructive Testing, our courses follow the ISO 18436 standards and students can pursue the option of PCN Examination; this needs to be applied for independently to BINDT and is not inclusive of our course fees, although as an Approved Examination Centre (AEC) we can make arrangements for PCN exams to be taken here.

To carry out the PCN examination students must first sit a Level 1/2 Thermography Course. Once the course has been complete students can then take the PCN examination. The application form the PCN exam can be found in various links throughout this article and on the link below. The application must be complete prior to sitting the Thermography course to allow time for BINDT to process the application. PCN examinations take place place on the final day of the course (Friday), but can be arranged at any point after the course.

PCN Application form

Upon completing the PCN examination the student must document evidence of a log of hours including all practical and report work. The total experience must be collected over a total of 12 months from the exam at least 16 hours per month.Candidates must maintain verifiable documentary evidence and log of hours and nature of work (see ISO18436-7 clause 5.4), especially scanning (practical) times, on PCN document CP16-CM for all categories. All of this information and other relevant links can be found here >>BINDT

*The experience hours are based on 16 hours minimum per month of thermography-based machinery condition monitoring experience in accordance with Clauses 2 & 3.