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Air Tightness Testing Training

Due to recent changes in the Air Tightness Testing (ATT) industry following BINDT no longer running the Air Tightness Testing registration scheme, our course structure has been amended to comply with the new National Occupational Standards and Minimum Technical Competencies. Our ATT training will now be a 4 day training course.

Pre-course reading is required for students to have an understanding of the broader concepts of Air Tightness Testing Training; we advise students to become familiar with the following prior to attending the training:

  • Building Envelope – Area and volume calculations including measurement from supplied plans. Direct measurement by  creating detailed drawings/plans which contain sufficient information for accurate calculations. Methodology will include the use of Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem.
  • Architectural Drawings – Plan, section, elevations and taking measurements from them.
  • The test standards ATTMA-TSL1-Issue-1 and ATTMA-TSL2-Issue-1
  • The Minimal Technical Competence MTC final for the Air Tightness Testing Industry
  • The new National Occupational Standards (NOS):
  1. ASTATT1 Prepare and carry out Air Tightness Testing
  2. ASTATT2 Prepare a Building for Air Tightness Testing
  3. ASTATT3 Carry out Air Tightness Testing for a single dwelling or other small buildings
  4. ASTATT4 Carry out Air Tightness Testing for non-simple buildings
  5. ASTATT5 Prepare and issue the Air Tightness Report
  6. ASTATT6 Calculate the area of building envelopes
  7. ASTATT7 Manage all Calibrated Equipment
  8. ASTATT8 Initiate and progress contracts with clients to carry out Air Tightness Testing
  9. ASTATT9 Carry out Air Tightness Testing on large and complex high rise and phased hand over zonal buildings
  10. ASTATT10 Quality Assure the Air Tightness Testing Process

The first three days of the course will cover NOS ASTATT 1 to 9 documents, which is required by the MTC for a level 1 tester.

The fourth day is an examination day which will divided into 3 separate sections. All 3 must be successfully completed to pass the examination process:

  • First examination is an open book multiple choice exam covering the theoretical aspects of the Air Tightness Industry.
  • Second examination is a building envelope area and volume calculation examination using supplied plans.
  • Third examination is a practical exam where the student is observed carrying out a full Air Tightness Test.

If any section is not fully completed then the student may re-take the relevant examination at a further time at no additional cost. 

After attending the training course and passing all 3 examinations, students are required to carry out 3 unpaid Air Tightness Tests. Full test reports, calculations, sketches/plans will need to be presented for review, IRT will then communicate to the registration body that the student has successfully passed the review process.

Students should bring along the following to the training:

  • A laptop
  • The laptop should have Fantestic air testing software and Sketchup 3d modelling software installed
  • A calculator
  • Scale rule
  • PPE equipment – hard hat, gloves, safety boots, hi-vis jacket, safety goggles and ear plugs
  • Wet weather gear 
  • Safe pass / CSS card

Training Fees

Air Tightness Testing 4 Day Course                 £1250 + VAT


Course Content

  • Global Overview
  • Theory
  • Building Presentation (Measurements open or closed)
  • Blowerdoor Set up
  • Demonstration: Test of room
  • Digital Controller & exercises
  • Site visit – preparation, testing manual and automated
  • Locating air leakage
  • Requirements of Building Regulations
  • Calculating building area and envelope from drawings
  • Theoretical and practical examinations

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